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Are you an artist searching for your signature style? I wrote this guide for you!

Learn the 6 powerful steps that will propel you toward developing your signature style. These took me years to figure out, and once I did, the flood gates to my creativity (and signature style) came crashing open.

Ready to unlock the power of a signature style?

A signature style is when your work has a consistency to it where someone can identify your work without seeing your name attached to it.

Having a signature style:

  • Makes you look polished and professional when pitching to companies
  • Results in a beautifully curated Instagram feed = more engagement
  • Shows that you have experience and have made a lot of art
  • Gives clients and customers confidence — they know what they can expect

When you have artwork flowing out of you, that's when a signature style emerges. This guide will walk you through the exact steps that I took that made a HUGE difference to my art practice that led to my signature style!

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