July 15–19, 2024

Artists & illustrators: Come explore your unique creative voice and tap into the treasures hidden inside you!

Save your seat!
Free 5-Day Workshop

July 15–19, 2024

Save your seat!

A Free 5-Day Drawing Workshop for Adults

Mon, July 15

Tues, July 16

Wed, July 17

Thurs, July 18

Friday, July 19

All live sessions will be 1–2pm EDT with replays posted afterward.

Hello adult creatives!

Come join me for this free 5-day workshop July 15–19


Camp details:

  • This is for beginner and advanced artists looking to ignite their creativity and develop their own signature style.
  • We're going to make some art together while keeping things playful and fun like we did when we were kids!
  • You can use crayons, markers — whatever colorful supplies you have on hand.
  • We're going to play with lines, shapes, color, and drawing from photos to get your creative juices flowing and explore your unique creative voice and style.
  • The live drawing sessions will be from 1pm to 2pm EDT and replays will be posted afterward.

I just love everything about drawing with Genna. It's nice and refreshing, and sooooo good for my heart and soul. I've been uninspired for a while but great things happen when you're not afraid to make bad art.⁣ — Madeline Wong

What past workshop students had to say:

Hi, I'm Genna!

Let's draw together, explore our unique creative voices, and have fun like when we were kids!

Monday, July 15 through Friday, July 19, 2024